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Our Patented Process

Alchemy Beverages Inc. (ABI) and its Clarification Process is disrupting the spirits business by changing the way alcohol is produced and consumed across the $500 billion spirits business.

Our patented (and patent pending) technology is a unique process that removes the harshness of the alcohol, improves the flavor profile and elevates the consumer experience.

Learn more about our technology

Our patented and patent-pending technologies are set to disrupt the spirits and liquor business. While the spirits industry has gone through changes and improvements in the fermentation and distillation process;  in the last 400 years, there have been no major technology developments—until today.  With the addition of our Clarification Process, we have fundamentally changed the consumer perception, taste, and experience in enjoying alcoholic beverages.

The core principle behind the technology is a dynamic flow-through of fluids through our reactors where fluid molecules are collapsing into micro-vapor bubbles while creating enormous energy and subsequently making desired changes in chemical and physical structures of spirits and wines. The end result is a dramatically accelerated chemical reaction that previously took hours, days, and years to achieve is produced instantly, with substantially improved final results.

Applying this technology to alcohol, our Clarification Process produces physical and chemical restructuring at the molecular level.  Molecular chains in the alcohol are broken to nano-particle size, thus creating an enormous force and energy that produces a change in the molecular structure and bonding in spirits. The process does not alter the proof or filter the spirits, it simply reduces the harsh tasting acids and toxins naturally found in alcohol. The result is a dramatic reduction in the ‘alcohol burn’, a significant enhancement in the taste profile and a reduction in the impurities.

alchemy: |ˈalkəmē| n. 1. a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

Our Product

Barmuze is a tabletop device that helps spirit and wine lovers enjoy a healthier experience, allowing the full flavors and notes of their drink to shine through by removing impurities and harshness for a cleaner, smoother taste — it’s a serious drink upgrade!

A leading international university conducted laboratory testing on ABI’s Clarified alcohol and determined the following:

The patented Clarification process significantly reduces, by up to 50%, the content of impurities in the alcohol.
The patented Clarification process significantly reduces, by up to 50%, the content of impurities in the alcohol, such as mono-and polyaromatic compounds (derivatives of benzene, phenol, tyrosine, tryptophan, benzaldehyde, and other organic compounds). A significant reduction of impurities in alcohol and alcohol solutions after Clarification can improve the flavor profile of these beverages.
The patented Clarification process improves the flavor profile.
In aqueous solutions of ethanol, the existence of various molecular structures like water clusters, clusters of ethanol molecules, or heterogeneous water-ethanol associates is possible. At high alcohol content (~40 vol %) ethanol clusters appear. These ethanol clusters undoubtedly stimulate the palate differently from either water clusters or the clathrate-like water-ethanol structures. Even in the absence of “taste” in the traditional sense, vodka drinkers could express preference for a particular structure.

Clarified Spirits

Following the development of award winning Cameo Vodka, several exciting opportunities exist for Clarified Spirits:

Private Label

As more retailers turn to private label offerings to boost margins and increase product offerings for their customers, a unique opportunity has developed for our company and its proprietary Clarification Technology.

Large retailers have seen significant revenues for their private label distilled spirits that tally hundreds of millions of dollars annually. However, most of this success has come at the low and mid-level quality entries. The last 8 years of growth in distilled spirits has been propelled by the high-end products and retailers are looking to solve the challenge of offering a high-end private label option that meets their margin targets and still gives the consumer a price point that is below the national brands.

This opportunity exists in both the United States and the rest of the world.  We will seek licensing agreements to dramatically expand the private label distribution opportunities outside of the United States.

Technology Licensing

Our Clarification Technology will be available to partner with major producers of spirits and wines that can develop product lines that are better for their customers with a dramatically improved taste profile.  In many cases, they will be able to produce a superior experience using less expensive inputs that are substantially upgraded when processed through our industrial technology. They will be able to address the consumers desire for a ‘healthier’, better tasting product and still be able to deliver an attractive price point, while retaining excellent margins.

Direct Product Development

In partnership with industry leaders, ABI can develop our own line of alcoholic beverages that fill a need for healthier beverages that are dramatically better tasting than anything at a similar price point. This is an exciting opportunity that we will pursue once the right partner is identified and a full business plan is developed.

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About us

Alchemy Beverages Inc. (ABI) and its Clarification Technology (CT) is disrupting the spirits business by changing the way alcohol is produced and consumed across the $500 billion spirits business.

The patented (and patent pending) technology is a unique process that removes the harshness of the alcohol, improves the flavor profile and elevates the consumer experience. Additionally, initial laboratory test analysis has indicated a significant reduction of harmful acids that many believe is a major contributor to hang over effects.

ABI is applying this technology across two major business lines: Clarified Spirits and the Barmuze home appliance.

Clarified Spirits

Through the application of industrial-scale Clarification Technology, we are able to offer an ultra-premium spirit at a price point that is well below competitive products. After studying the competitive landscape, we realized there is a large market segment that has not been addressed and can be profitably filled by applying our technology through the ‘white labeling’ of spirits for large retail distributors. A more full discussion of this market segment, as well as the financial opportunity, is fully discussed in this plan.


By miniaturizing our industrial scale technology into a small consumer-friendly unit for home use, ABI has created a product that can completely change the consumers buying preferences or enhance their current brand choices. While many products exist today to improve the profile of wine, no competitive products exist in the marketplace that offers such enhancement to spirits and we believe this offers ABI the opportunity to become the next SodaStream or Keurig.

The Barmuze home unit dramatically improves any spirit that is run through the machine and has also had significant success in adding complexity to young wines while reducing the presence of sulfides. In addition, we intend to provide our customers with “Flavoroids”, which will allow them to become ‘mixologists’ and create their botanical and flavored spirits (and wines), right in their own home.

Future generations of Barmuze will be designed for the restaurant and bar market, followed by a home unit that will contain a proprietary usage system. Both of these opportunities will generate substantial recurring revenue for ABI.


The reaction when consumers have tested our product has been dramatic. Most consumers of spirits can relate to the “egh!’ moment that comes with your first sip of liquor. Your eyes squeeze shut, your nose scrunches up, you think your throat may possibly be on fire? With Clarification Technology we turn this “egh” moment into an “aaah” moment.

Our strategy is to make Clarification Technology the accepted next step in processing alcohol and deliver to the consumer a smoother sip, a well-rounded taste, and a much more enjoyable overall experience—and in the process, create significant value for our shareholders.

Meet the Team

Mark Geist – Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Mark Geist co-founded Montgomery Asset Management and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Under Mark’s leadership, Montgomery Asset Management grew to over $11 billion in assets. He led the company through the sale to Commerzbank in 1997 and stayed on as CEO through December 2000. Since then, Mark has been an investor, board member and advisor to a number of micro-cap companies, including executive positions at Good Life Networks, Inc (a Canadian internet marketing company) and VAMA, Inc. (a U.S company focusing on all-natural solutions to replace chemical products). He also served as a pension fund consultant with Rogers, Casey & Barksdale, Inc. and an executive with the St. Regis Paper Company.

In the not-for-profit arena, Mark has served as President of U.S. Oil Independence, Inc., whose mission was to develop the financial support for clean affordable energy solutions; Vice-Chairman of Operation Respect, focusing on addressing ‘bullying’ in our schools; and a board member of Life Plan Hawaii, an organization that works in the school systems to help young adults develop life goals and the tools to achieve those goals.

He has an MBA in Finance from Iona College and an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Connecticut.


Jennifer Sutherland – Communications

Beginning her career in travel media, Jenn is experienced in content marketing and community development. Her strengths include project planning, team management media development in a remote work environment. Having worked for the past decade in fully distributed companies and the startup community, she enjoys the challenge of scaling up.

Having collaborated as the editor of a major travel media outlet as well as building from the ground up as the content manager at Tortuga Backpacks, Jenn has an understanding of what it takes to both build and sustain a community around an idea and a product. Her outcomes-based management style incentivizes efficiency and creative problem-solving in her teams.  

Jenn also co-founded a non-profit that provides grants for gap year travel. She writes and speaks extensively about the value and impact of remote work for women. Having started her career as a teacher, Jenn graduated from Indiana State University with a BA in Education.

Board of Directors

Kent Buckles 

Kent Buckles is currently an independent contractor, focusing on ERISA and related retirement industry products and services. Prior to this, Kent functioned as a senior executive for over 20 years in the pension and retirement business. His last position was Senior Vice President for Reliance Trust Company where he had overall responsibility for over $100 billion in assets. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington and JD degree from Seattle University. 

Peter Christos

Mr. Christos is a former Wall Street executive with 30+ years of experience. In June 2005, he founded Abacos Ventures as Executive Chairman. Since June 2015, he has been Chairman of Real Brands, Inc.; and currently serves as a director of several private companies. As an entrepreneur, he has been a co-founder in both private and public companies He has been a Managing Director of Investment Banking firms in New York City including the founding Chairman/CEO of Adelphia Capital, LLC. He was an EVP, Partner and co-head of the NYC office of the investment banking firm of Bannon & Co., which was subsequently sold to French bank Société Générale, which merged with Cowen & Company.

Board of Advisors

Rob Michael Mondavi Jr. — President and Founder – Folio Fine Wine Partners

Rob’s enthusiasm for wine took root more than 30 years ago, growing up in Napa Valley; his earliest memories are of playing among the vines and barrels at Robert Mondavi Winery.

Over the course of his career, Robert has held a variety of positions in his family’s company to gain experience in all aspects of vineyard and winery management, hospitality and business operations. After moving to Panama to educate himself about international business culture, he established the Napa Cigar Company, a manufacturer and importer of premium cigars from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and the Canary Islands.

Rob joined the Robert Mondavi Corporation in 2000, as a luxury brands Sales Manager, transitioning to Sales Director, responsible for developing and managing sales of the company’s imported wines from Australia, Chile, and Italy in more than 20 states. He then went on to serve as Director of Marketing for Robert Mondavi Winery, spearheading the winery’s trade marketing initiatives before founding Folio Fine Wine Partners in 2004, with the vision of producing and importing the most exciting wines from established and emerging wine regions. Rob lives in Napa with his wife, Lydia and their son.

Joseph Abrams—Board of Advisors

Joe is an entrepreneur, investor, and adviser. An expert in emerging growth companies, he is currently an early-stage investor and adviser with Recruiter.com, the online global recruiting service. Abrams has advised or acted as the principal in dozens of mergers and acquisitions and financing transactions, and has been involved with several eco-friendly and socially responsible businesses. He co-founded The Software Toolworks in the early 1980s, and in 1994 it sold to Pearson, PLC for $460 million. In 1999, he co-founded eUniverse, which was later renamed Intermix Media and became the parent company of the social network site MySpace. NewsCorp bought Intermix for $560 million in 2005.

Abrams and his wife, Patricia P’02, are lead supporters of the Simon Venture Capital Fund, an early stage seed fund run by MBA and master’s students at the Simon Business School. He is also a member of the Simon School’s National Council and Advisory Council, and the University of Rochester’s San Francisco Network Leadership Cabinet. In 2017, he received the Simon School’s Distinguished Alumnus Award.

He serves on several private and nonprofit boards and is co-chair of the Capital Campaign for Marin Hospital in Marin County, California. The Abramses also established, with their son Matthew Abrams ’02 and his wife, Lindsay, the Abrams Family Fund for Myotonic Dystrophy Research.

He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and an MBA in finance from the Simon Business School.

Technology Team:

Neil Voloshin—Technology Manager

Neil Voloshin joined Cavitation Technologies, Inc in 2012 and currently is Chief Financial and Operating Officer of the company. Mr. Voloshin has over 25 years of experience in investment banking, marketing, asset management, and business operations. He has served as President and Chairman of the Board of Regional Broker-Dealer, Member of FINRA and NYSE from 1998 to 2012, Board of Directors of Frontier Mining Limited, Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate Investment Fund from 2006 to 2012 and served on the Board of Directors and COO of Turan Petroleum, Inc USA from 2009 to 2012.

Igor Gorodnitsky 

Igor Gorodnitsky is a founder of Cavitation Technologies, Inc and currently serves as Principal Executive Officer and President. As a Senior Hazmat Specialist with over twenty years of experience, he has coordinated and successfully completed over 500 emergency hazardous material cleanups. He has advised the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services on many specialized situations, both emergency and non-emergency, including: confined space entries into asphalt storage silos; emergency confined space entry into the aggregate dryer; hazmat cleanup of the hot oil tanks; cleanup and removal of spilled liquids and hardened asphalt; and coordinated and supervised remediation of La Brea tar spills. His vast experience with hazardous materials became an impetus for his vision of CTi: a company devoted to green technologies and solutions.

Roman Gordon – Technology Supervisor

Roman Gordon is a founder of Cavitation Technologies, Inc. He brings more than fifteen years of experience in business management and energy risk management to CTi. He is the author of several patents. He served as a member of the Board of Directors, CEO and Secretary of the Company since its inception until June of 2011 when he was appointed CTi’s CTO.  His work in the area of Hydrodynamic Cavitation in the past years has been in the area of R&D and modeling of cavitation dynamics for industrial applications. Roman Gordon is the author of many issued by USPTO patents and national and international patent applications in the area of Hydrodynamic Cavitation, oil refining and Electrocoagulation.


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